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E-scooters not to be banned on London trains despite exploding battery fears

E-scooters are not going to be formally banned on London train services, despite the ban that came in this week on Transport for London’s network.

Whereas TfL runs the Tube, Overground, Docklands Light Railway, buses and TfL rail, train services are run by separate organisations, often private companies.

Southeastern runs train services through London Bridge out into Kent and Surrey, stopping at stations across much of Southwark and south-east London.

TfL announced a ban on e-scooters that began on Monday (December 13) after a series of fires on its transport network caused by ruptured e-scooter batteries. A spokesperson for the transport agency said they were “extremely worried” by these incidents, which released toxic smoke.

If the fires happened in an enclosed space like a bus or train there could be “significant harm” to passengers and staff, they added. Large signs have popped up in tube station entrances warning people against bringing e-scooters in.

Despite TfL’s fire safety concerns, train companies said they would not proactively ban e-scooters outright, with a spokesperson pointing out that they should only be used on private land anyway.

A spokesperson for the Rail Delivery Group, the organisation that represents all of the UK’s railway companies, told the News: “We are not planning to review the current e-scooters guidance as given they should only really be for use either on private land or as part of a hire scheme, strictly speaking people shouldn’t really be bringing them onto trains in the first place.

“If e-scooters do become legal for wider use, rather than ban them, in the first instance we’d want only the scooters that meet the highest safety standards to be sold in the UK so that this quick and green way of getting to the station is safe for everyone.”


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