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Southwark Council agrees no CPO for Dulwich Hamlet Stadium to secure club’s future in latest round of negotiations with Meadow

We will agree to no CPO and to provide a lease on the Greendale astroturf to get Dulwich Hamlet playing back home says Southwark Council, in renewed calls for developer Meadow Residential to reverse its decision.

Today, (Thursday October 11), Southwark Council published its latest statement on the future of the club, saying it is ‘entirely within Meadow’s gift to end this unhappy period’.

It is now more than six months after the club was ejected from its stadium, bringing 125 years of playing in East Dulwich to what is hopefully not a permanent end.

Despite the the club having huge support from the community, council and politicians – with its future even debated in parliament, negotiations between the club and Meadow are still in deadlock with the team stuck playing their home games in Tooting.

Councillor Johnson Situ, cabinet member for growth, development and planning said: “It is entirely within Meadow’s gift to end this unhappy period in DHFC’s history and give them the prospect of continuing as a viable football club.

“Meadow kicked DHFC out of Champion Hill, they must now let them back in so that they can finish this season at their proper home.”

According to Southwark Council, Meadow has committed to allowing Dulwich Hamlet to return to Champion Hill, but only if the council will grant a lease to the club on the neighbouring astroturf at Greendale and agree not to pursue a compulsory purchase order on the site.

The council says neither is necessary for the club to return – but says it is prepared to do all it can to ‘help break the deadlock’.

Today it wrote to Meadow to confirm there is no formal resolution for the CPO, and to offer terms for the reoccupation of the astroturf.

Cllr Situ added: “We have responded positively to Meadow’s demands, now they must respond positively to the club and let them back in to Champion Hill.

“We remain ready and willing to talk to Meadow about any policy compliant planning application that they want to pursue at the site.”

A Meadow spokesperson responded to the News: “Meadow has been working constructively with DHFC to find a way forward and to secure their long-term future.

“We have made reasonable proposals to Southwark Council, which are deliverable by the Council, that would allow DHFC’s immediate return to Champion Hill.

“We hope that Southwark Council will respond positively and work with DHFC to secure a sustainable future for the Club.”


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