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New funding drive for Bermondsey boxer Charlie Wynn

The family and friends of Charlie Wynn are pushing to raise more money to support the Bermondsey boxer’s rehabilitation at a private care home.

Charlie suffered a bleed to the brain and required life-saving surgery at Kings College Hospital after a sparring session in March 2018.

His friend, Kent fighter Sean Phillips, was running the London Marathon for Charlie to push forward the funding drive.

On Charlie’s crowd-funding page, Sean explained: “As you all know I was due to run the London Marathon in 2019 to raise money for a good friend and gym mate, Charlie Wynn. Due to fight commitments and Covid restrictions this was sadly put on hold.

“After a long three years Charlie and his family are still battling with his condition and the funding behind it.

“Charlie has now been moved from a hospital to a private care home where he continues to make steady progress however there is still a long road ahead.

“At the hospital he was receiving daily treatment which allowed him to make steady progress, now that he is in the care home he does still receive full funding, however his physio allotment has been reduced to just two hours a week

“Although he is receiving two hours a week of physio, this is simply not enough and can only be increased with his family’s personal funding. As you can imagine this is very costly for the amount of physio he needs and therefore it is vital that Charlie receives additional funding so that he is able to have consistent and frequent treatment.

“The aim is to receive enough funding that we can give Charlie one hour a day of physio/rehabilitation. This could potentially have a massive impact on Charlie’s progress and of course his closest family and loved ones.

“We want to get Charlie walking again and we know this is possible with your help.

“To end the story, I wasn’t due to be running the marathon at all. This was until I saw my good friend Charlie and his family and it made me understand that Charlie still needs everyone’s help and what better way to do it than to fulfil my promise.

“This is for you Charlie, mate.”

Donations have poured in for Millwall fan Charlie, with £7,815 of a £10,000 target raised by Wednesday morning. That was after a previous funding drive at the time of Charlie’s accident went well past the £10,000 target.

You can support Charlie’s rehabilitation by clicking here.


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