Tuesday, November 30, 2021



Erection of mansard roof extension, single storey ground floor rear extension and alterations to the fenestration on the existing building.

(Within: Camberwell Grove Conservation Area CA) Reason(s) for publicity: STDCA (Contact: Yvonne Sampoh 020 7525 4929)

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Reason for publicity. The applications are advertised for the reasons identified by the following codes: AFFECT – development affecting character or appearance of a nearby conservation area; OR development affecting setting of a nearby listed building(s); DEP – departure from the development plan; EIA – environmental impact assessment (these applications are accompanied by an environmental statement a copy of which may be obtained from the Council – there will be a charge for the copy); MAJ – major planning application; STDCA – development within a conservation area; STDLB – works to or within the site of a listed building