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VIDEO: Dancing cop brings traffic to a standstill in Peckham

Traffic came to a standstill on Peckham’s main thoroughfare last week as a man dressed as an American police officer started dancing in the street.

Nathan Brown, of online video channel Trollstation, pulled up outside Shu-Time in Rye Lane on Tuesday in an American ‘cop car’ shouting on the loudspeaker: “We’re the police, we’re here to protect and serve the streets of London….Obama said come down and protect the streets …that’s what we do..”

The prankster then blasted music out of the car while rapping to the gathering crowds and busting some moves so dangerous they should be illegal.

Following a year of controversy in the USA where a number of black citizens have been shot dead by white police officers, Brown’s lyrics took an unusual political stance as he said: “The boys in blue yeah we’re back and if you’re black ‘blap blap’ in your back. Yeah, we roll around and if we see you , we hold you down…” before he danced his way in front of the number 37 bus to Putney Heath shouting “you can’t arrest me, I’ll arrest you.”

Vehicles came to a halt as Brown strutted his stuff in the middle of the road surrounded by crowds of people filming him on their smart phones.




In May, Brown and his partner in crime, Disco Boy, wheeled a set of speakers and disco lights into Walworth police station in their shorts to “show some love to the police.”

View the Walworth police station video here 



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