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Spit donations needed at Science Gallery London to create crystals

People are being asked to donate their saliva to the Science Gallery London at King’s College London, to form a “human spit crystal”.

The bizarre request is part of a series of events called MOUTHY: INTO THE ORIFICE at the gallery, which seeks to show audiences the “hidden world inside the mouth”.

As well as creating a crystal, participants will also be able to “add a cast of their tongue” to a new sculpture.

The pre-opening season from Science Gallery London comprises a wide range of creative collisions between art and science, from contemporary dance and performance poetry to hands-on workshops.

Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery London, said: “We’re asking participants to donate their saliva to form a human spit crystal, their kiss stories to inform a ‘science of snogging’ performance and offered up the chance to add a cast of their tongue to a new sculpture.

“MOUTHY, is full of surprising experiences that invite audiences to get into the orifice and connect with their mouth in new ways.”

Events will run in the Oral Emporium (a new pop-up venue on King’s College London’s Guy’s Campus) and other surprising locations around London Bridge from September 19 to November 30.

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