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RSPCA rescue stray snake found in Sydenham garden shed

A baby corn snake was found hiding in a garden shed by a surprised Sydenham resident last week.

The RSPCA, who were called out to rescue the orange and white patterned reptile, are now appealing for its owner to get in touch so they can be reunited.

According to the charity, the 25 centimetre reptile is in good condition and is likely to be an escaped pet.

It was found by a Lower Sydenham resident on Monday, March 11.

She was able to contain it in a secure box before calling the RSCPA.

Animal collection officer, Mat Hawkins, said:  “This stunning corn snake must have given the householder quite a surprise.

“It’s not every day you find a snake in your garden shed.

“The little reptile is in good condition, and at around 25 cm long, is likely a hatchling.

“Corn snakes are not native to Britain and would not be able to survive for long in the wild here, so it is probably a pet that has come from someone’s home.

“If someone is missing this lovely corn snake, we would encourage them to contact us via our appeals line number on 0300 123 8018.

“As there is a possibility that this snake has escaped, it is a timely reminder to snake owners that they must ensure that their animals’ accommodation is secure.

“Snakes are not only good escape artists, they, like other exotic pets, have specialist needs which are difficult to meet in a domestic environment.

“Anyone thinking of taking on that responsibility needs to thoroughly research what it entails before deciding to commit to getting one.”

Non-venomous corn snakes are native to parts of North America, where they usually feed on rats and mice.

They can grow to around 150 centimetres long and live for up to fifteen years.


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