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Not so lovely jubbly! Backlash as Only Fools and Horses mural painted over in just days

An impressive 1,700sq foot mural dedicated to Only Fools and Horses was painted over without the artist’s knowledge only two days after it was unveiled.

The striking piece in Burgess Park showed Del Boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert beaming under the slogan ‘Welcome to Peckham’, and was unveiled by its artist Gustavo Nénão on Friday (July 12).

“One of the largest murals in the Peckham and one of the most EPIC projects I did in Central London,” he said.

“Located in Burgess Park, in Peckham, Zone 1, this 1700 square foot of wall definitely required many energy and time.”

Now there is no trace of the striking art work – and a mystery remains as to why it was painted over

But only two days later, three men were seen painting over the mural, despite it attracting many admirers online.

“I don’t really know what’s happened,” Mr Nénão told one fan of the artwork in an exchange posted online, adding that it was “very sad.”

The decision to swiftly cover up the piece sparked a backlash online, which some wrongly attributed to Southwark Council.

However, a council spokesperson said: “The mural was created on private property with the owner’s permission and we can confirm that the people shown painting over it are not council staff.”

The images prompted speculation on social media about who had ordered the display to be covered up.

“Why would someone destroy such a lovely symbol of welcome?” said one Facebook user.

Another said: “It’s criminal it’s been painted over. While another added simply: “What 24-carat plonkers!” Mr Nénão has been contacted for further comment.



  1. The art ain’t that bad and it should stay ,the artist that it he just wanted people to appreciate the art but all so to remind people that show was about peckham and how lovely it was growing up back in the day ,but also to remind people that the people who came up with that show he was born and bread here and he wanted to show that south London have a lot to give back then .and that it should off ever been painted over as its remembers for when we all grown up with it ,like old people but also the young once too ,art is art as long it looks like a picture but not like its a tag thing ,and we should all enjoy it.

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