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Mystery artwork appears on Bermondsey Street

A mystery artist left their work on Bermondsey Street as part of the first-ever International Art and Found Day, writes Simon Throssell…

On March 12, over 250 artists across 29 countries left selected artworks in their local neighbourhoods for local residents to find.

A large red package was spotted near the Fashion and Textile Museum on Bermondsey Street with the label, “Hi. I’m an original figurative painting in need of a loving home.”

The mysterious artist was later revealed as Natalie Webb, a self-described ‘ambidextrous fine artist’ specialising in art based on interaction with the environment.

Natalie’s artwork, Image: Twitter

Natalie documented her process in a series of social media posts, encouraging her followers to try and look for it.

She attached the 30 x 40 cm canvas to a Santander Cycle at 11:36 AM, dropping it off at the secret location at 12:15 PM.

One Twitter user commented they had seen her leave it not too long ago, with Natalie replying that “It was gone in an instant!”


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