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WATCH: World Cup Estate in action in clash with Belgium

Despite an England defeat on Thursday evening, spirits were high on what is being dubbed the ‘World Cup Estate’ in Bermondsey, writes Tobi Ojo…

Residents on the Kirby Estate, off Southwark Park Road, got together to watch the clash against Belgium, on a giant screen.

Neighbours clubbed together to put on food and refreshments for the entire estate.

This was not the first time that the Kirby has been decked out in St George’s flags, but on this occasion their efforts have been featured in all major newspapers and covered by TV stations.

The News was the first to cover it and the story went viral within minutes.

Every year on St George’s Day, residents have dusted off their England flags and proudly hang them out on their balconies in an impressive display. But for this year’s World Cup they decided to go one step further, buying in more than 70 extra England flags especially for the occasion and flying flags from other countries.

Speaking to the News, Geraldine Howard, 52, who helped put all of the flags up with Chris Dowse, 39, and Alan Putman, 48,   said:  “All the media attention is great, but this is what we do as a community to bring the togetherness back when is seems to be fizzling out. This is how we keep our community going.”

With England still in the World Cup residents are planning on another get together next Tuesday. The clash will be an interesting one for some of the Colombian residents on the estate, but as another neighbour told the News “our motto is out of many is one.”


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