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Proposed controlled parking zone for area surrounding Bermondsey’s Blue

Town hall officials are proposing a controlled parking zone (CPZ) for the area surrounding Bermondsey’s Blue.

A parking study, with the aim of introducing a CPZ, is being consulted upon, affecting the area between St James’s Road, Lynton Road and the railway arches.

Officials say the move is necessary following the introduction of parking controls in nearby Thorburn Square in October 2018 to address “increased parking pressure.”

A consultation into the plans which opened on August 31 closes on September 22. It can be found online here, alongside further details.

“The council has received a number of requests for parking controls to be introduced in your area as well as a petition from residents south of The Blue,” states council literature advertising the consultation on the parking changes.

“Local residents are finding it very hard to park near their homes or to exit and enter their drives which is causing significant stress and inconvenience.

“We have also had reports of businesses finding it hard to park in the area and of commuters taking up space that could be used by visitors.”

The proposed changes would affect the area around and south of Bermondsey’s Blue marketplace

Under the parking study, a questionnaire has been sent to all the addresses living within the proposed zone, asking whether they would like a controlled parking zone and of what kind.

Officials also said that the proposed boundary of the parking changes was not fixed and could be changed or not introduced at all depending on consultation responses.

Consultation responses are expected to be finalised in autumn, before being sent to council cabinet in late autumn or early winter.

If approved, any changes would be expected to come in around spring or early summer next year.

To fill out an online consultation response into any parking changes, visit here.


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