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Only thirteen out of 57 Camberwell and Peckham residents stranded abroad have returned home

Just thirteen out of 57 people from Camberwell and Peckham stranded abroad due to cancelled flights and lockdowns have been repatriated to the UK.

Their MP, Harriet Harman, says many have found it difficult to contact British consular officials and, when they do, are often simply told to ‘contact their airline’ despite the fact flights have been scrapped or are only available at exorbitant prices.

Two stuck in New Zealand were quoted costs in excess of £5,000 to get home. Another constituent affected is a 51-year-old woman with breast cancer unable to fly back from India.

Harman has also been contacted by families with young children, and by worried parents on behalf of their children.

One mother requested Harman’s help after her 22-year-old daughter was stranded on an island in Thailand.

Among those who have successfully returned include a social worker and doctor, both of whom have now flown back from New Zealand.



  1. Shame Ms Harman isn’t at all concerned about those breaking the lockdown and ignoring social distancing in Camberwell and Peckham. Southwark has the second highest fatalities in London and all she cares about is getting people back from their holidays

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