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No Bakerloo line for Camberwell, says transport chief

A transport boss has confirmed that the “preferred route” for the Bakerloo line extension is down the Old Kent Road.

The Transport for London report released last week also put on hold an extension of the line beyond Lewisham.

Despite a majority of responders to the consultation undertaken in 2014 being in favour of the route going through Camberwell, the latest report by London transport commissioner Mike Brown to the TfL board  names Old Kent Road as the preferred route, as there is more scope to secure private investment through future developments there.

“The many people who live and work in and near Camberwell and who visit its hospitals will be very frustrated at this missed opportunity to relieve congestion and difficulty for so many,” said campaigner, Campaspe Lloyd-Jacob of PACT (Peckham and Camberwell Tube).

“We suspect that the needs of existing residents, patients, doctors, and workers in Camberwell have been neglected because of the (relatively small) private bounty that new development on the Old Kent Road could bring.”

Southwark Council Leader, Peter John, said the report was “mixed news” for Southwark after he “lobbied hard” for a two-pronged extension down both the Old Kent Road and through Camberwell.

“Whilst we’re delighted that we can forge ahead with our hugely exciting plans for the Old Kent Road, which really depend on these transport improvements, we’re very disappointed that Camberwell and Peckham residents won’t see the same advantage…. We will continue to push TfL and the Mayor to improve transport across our borough, and we look forward to working with local residents along both the Old Kent Road and in Camberwell to make this happen.”

A final decision has not yet been taken on the route the extension will take as further public consultations are still to be undertaken by Transport for London.



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