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Jubilee line Tube drivers to hold two 24-hour strikes over timetable row

Tube drivers on the Jubilee line plan to walk out for 24 hours on two days in protest over new staff timetables.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) and Aslef unions have today, Monday, announced that members will strike for 24 hours on June 6 and 14.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash has claimed changes to timetables impact on drivers’ work-life balance and “ride roughshod over existing rostering agreements”.

“It is outrageous that Tube managers are trying to bulldoze through timetable changes without agreement that ride roughshod over existing rostering agreements,” he said.

“Drivers are angry at the impact on work-life balance and rightly see this move as the thin end of a very long wedge that could see processes and agreements unilaterally shredded by Tube bosses.

“There’s time for Tube management to reverse the imposition of these changes and to start talking seriously with the unions rather than wading in with the big stick.”

Aslef’s Finn Brennan said the new rosters increased the number of Saturday shifts drivers are required to work, and that the move broke a commitment made as part of a 2015/16 pay agreement to maintain the same percentage of weekend rest days as the service expands.

“Despite the rhetoric from City Hall about wanting to work with trade unions to avoid conflict, senior management at [London Underground] have ignored every offer to sit down and discuss this issue with us over the last months,” he added.

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Nigel Holness, London Underground’s director of network operations, said the new Jubilee line timetable would “benefit thousands of passengers every day” as the most frequent, peak-time service is extended from 30 minutes to two hours.

“We have agreements with our trade unions on the amount of weekend working we ask our drivers to do, and implementing this timetable keeps us well within those agreements,” he said.

“We encourage RMT to continue working with us in order to deliver these huge benefits to customers rather than calling for unnecessary industrial action.”

The News has contacted Aslef for comment.


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