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Designs for ‘wish-bone’ bridge at Rotherhithe unveiled

A “wish-bone”-style design has been unveiled for the proposed pedestrian and cyclist bridge from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf.

The striking structure would measure 185-metres in length and offer an alternate route across the Thames to the current rail and road tunnels.

If built, it would be the only bridge to the east of Tower Bridge. There are currently 32 to the west.

The bridge would be able to be lifted from the centre, allowing large ships to pass through. According to its architects reForm, lifting the bridge would use up just £10 worth of electricity. This is due to the bridge’s masts acting as counter-balances, allowing an efficient raising and lowering system.

A spokesperson for reForm said: “The proposed bridge has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to the communities on either side of the river and beyond, and will be a welcoming gateway for all those arriving into London by river.”

Sustrans, a charity promoting travel by foot, cycle and public transport, have been campaigning for the bridge since 2008.

Chief Executive Malcolm Shepherd said: “It could enable millions of sustainable cross-river journeys and make it far easier for people to choose a healthier travel option. With high-quality links to destinations either side, it will make walking and cycling a real choice for hundreds of thousands of residents, workers and visitors.”



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