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Till Debt Do Us Part: Peckham art exhibition explores ‘student loan generation’

The financial and emotional aftermath of further education is explored in a new exhibition displayed at the Peckham Pelican pub this week.

Artist Jess Gell told the News she was compelled to create and curate the exhibition after her own experience of graduating.

She said: “During and after my course at work, I had the general feeling from my fellow students and friends that they didn’t feel very hopeful about their future, and were worried about the debt and overdrafts that studying at university had got them into.

“Many of us felt pessimistic about being able to afford to move out or get into jobs that were relevant to the courses we had spent so much money on.

“However, I wanted to turn these destructive feelings into something constructive by putting on an exhibition that would not only highlight these experiences but also encourage the participants to channel their angst into malleable pieces of art which create conversation.

“From housing to debt to ?nding work, ‘Til Debt Do Us Part brings together the artwork of the Student Loan Generation, re?ecting on their experiences of life post-education.

“I wanted to establish this exhibition as a showcase of creative solidarity to provide a productive creative output for people to have their voices heard.”

One of the artists whose work is featured is Kerry Ann Cleaver, with her piece ‘Do You Accept’, focused on student finance and its small print.

The exhibition runs from August 02 to August 05, and is free. 


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