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Millwall CPO: Property developers Renewal insist plans will benefit the club


Property developer Renewal has written to Lewisham mayor Sir Steve Bullock ahead of tonight’s cabinet decision on the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on Millwall’s land, claiming their scheme would benefit the club.

Ahead of the decision by Lewisham Counicl, Renewal said: “MFC is an important asset to Lewisham and a vital part of the cultural and community infrastructure of the wider area. As such, our vision from the outset was to incorporate a successful, self-sustaining football club at the heart of the scheme.

“Over the last twelve years the club has been consulted at every stage and will continue to be closely involved over the next decade as one the largest schemes in London is built out triggering the wider regeneration of north Lewisham.”

In an accompanying statement, Renewal said they are “committed, through the section 106 agreement, to providing circa £7million worth of direct benefits to the club, creating a much improved and enjoyable experience for fans”.

If the CPO goes ahead, it would see the Den’s car park, land used by the Millwall Community Trust and some other parts bought by the council before being sold onto Renewal.

Both the council and Renewal have spent twelve years purchasing land in north Lewisham in order to create a 2,400-home development.

Millwall are opposed to the proposals due to concerns over their long term plans for the area, and have drawn up their own plans for redevelopment.


  • “Around 400 homes”
  • Safe-guarding Lions Centre
  • Five towers at least eighteen storeys high
  • Artists’ workshops
  • Student accommodation


  • 2,400 homes
  • New ‘Surrey Canal’ London Overground station
  • Two new bus routes
  • Indoor sports centre
  • 2,000 jobs
  • Multi-faith centre
  • Hotel and conference centre
  • Health complex

The football club’s chairman, John Berylson, recently appealed to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan to intervene in the matter by writing him a letter.

On Monday night Labour councillors tabled and backed a motion opposing the plans, piling pressure on the cabinet.

Labour MPs Neil Coyle and Vicky Foxcroft have also written a letter to Lewisham Council voicing their concerns over the plans.

A campaign launched by the club called Defend Our Den has seen support from across the country, gathering more than 24,000 signatures on a petition and the approval of celebrities such as Gary Lineker.

To sign the petition, visit: 



  1. Renewal say ‘As such, our vision from the outset was to incorporate a successful, self-sustaining football club at the heart of the scheme’. How were they going to help us be ‘self-sustaining’?. Also what exactly are the £7M worth of ‘direct’ benefits for the club they claim thay are providing

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