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Fresh plans for Clipper Pub in Rotherhithe

Fresh plans to build flats and commercial space on the site of the former Clipper Pub in Rotherhithe have been submitted to the council.

Lighthall Homes has submitted revised plans for the site of the former Rotherhithe Street boozer after proposals submitted last year were refused by the council over issues of “daylight” and “outlook”.

Norton Mayfield Architects has drawn up fresh plans for a commercial unit and six flats which aim to address the issues raised by the planning officer.

The architect firm has focused on “reducing the impact of the massing on the living conditions of the occupants of Timbrell Place with particular reference to daylight and outlook” in the new plans.

“The overall effect of these changes is to increase the sense of space between the proposals and the flats opposite, contributing to a further improvement in the outlook,” it said in a planning statement.

The proposal is for a commercial space over basement and ground level, with six flats over the first, second and third storeys.

Four of the flats would have two bedrooms to occupy four people, while two of the flats would have two bedrooms to occupy three people.

The four-storey building is expected to have a footprint similar to that of the existing pub.

Public feedback to the plans on the council’s planning portal has so far been mixed.

One person said the proposed development seemed to be “of high quality” and “in keeping with the surrounding area”.

“It will certainly be a big improvement on the current eyesore,” they wrote. “I am however surprised that the planning statement refers to a total of two car parking spaces or four car parking spaces when none are shown on the plans.

“This omission should be corrected before any further consideration is given to the application.”

Another said “the area badly needs a local store for the benefit of the whole community” but raised concerns about allocated parking spaces and future changes to the plans.

“The development of the old Ship York site was originally intended to be for commercial use on ground floor, with residential use above (same as this application),” they said.

“This was later changed to all residential with no commercial use at all. Can we seek some assurance that this will not happen with this development?”

Visit the planning portal on the council’s website to view and comment on the plans.


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