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Elephant and Castle developers concede to campaigners’ demands for more social housing

In a victory for campaigners, Elephant and Castle developers Delancey have committed to providing 116 homes at social rent, a Box Park for displaced traders, and protection to the much-loved Bingo hall in revised regeneration plans submitted to Southwark Council today, writes Katherine Johnston…

As reported last week, Delancey had confirmed to the News it would table a revised offer after Southwark Council’s planning committee voted against passing the proposals in their current form, and delayed their decision until March at last Tuesday’s meeting.

Last week, Labour Councillors tweeted the contents of a letter from Delancey to Southwark Council’s chief executive outlining their concessions.

Delancey did not comment on the proposals when asked, but did confirm the letter was genuine.

Today, Delancey shared a statement which said: “Delancey has listened to the concerns and issues raised by the local community, Ward Councillors and Southwark Borough Council on our initial planning application for the redevelopment of the Elephant & Castle Town Centre.

“We have worked hard to find agreeable resolutions to these concerns, for which we have submitted a revised offer to Southwark today.

“A consultation process will be started to present and discuss these specific proposals and how they respond to the issues raised.

“We can confirm the revised offer includes:

  • The provision of 74 Social Rent housing units within Blocks W1 & W2 of the Oswin Street mansion properties.
  • The commitment to convert a further 42 housing units from London Living Rent to Social Rent within Block W3 of Oswin Street mansion properties, pending resolution of grant funding and/or final viability review.
  • All Social Rented housing will be owned and managed by either Southwark Council or another registered provider.
  • The delivery of Elephant Box Park on Castle Square to further supplement the independent trader relocation strategy for the shopping centre. Full time multi- lingual community engagement officer to be employed and located in the shopping centre to actively assist this relocation process.
  • Re-visioning of Pastor Street to create a vibrant affordable, mixed commercial environment and creation of a Pastor Street Advisory Group to develop the vision.
  • Agreement reached for Palatial Leisure to lead the relocation of existing bingo within the locality by March 2019, and leisure space on the Western site to be offered in priority to a commercial bingo operation.

“We look forward to continuing to work with all the relevant parties to reach a mutually acceptable and positive result for all, and a conclusion which delivers the new town centre and essential improvements to the transport, education and housing provision for the community in and around Elephant & Castle.”

Delancey confirmed a new, 21 day consultation with the public on the updated offer will now take place.


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