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EXCLUSIVE Aylesbury regen: increase in number of social rent homes now means tenants from phase 4 will be allocated off-plan homes ready for 2028

Plans for new social rent homes in the second phase of the Aylesbury Estate were approved this week, sealing last year’s commitment for no overall loss of social housing through the regeneration and affirming residents’ right to return.

Details published in advance of Tuesday’s cabinet meeting at Tooley Street show the number of homes already earmarked for phase two – 859 in total, with 287 at social rent – could be increased to around 1,250 with a grant from the Greater London Authority.

Subject to planning approval, this would mean an uplift in council homes large enough to ensure secure tenants from the final stages of the rebuild (phase 4b and 4c) will have homes ready to move into by 2028 – including homes allocated off-plan.

Southwark Labour Group says it hopes these changes will help ease residents’ uncertainty, especially given the entire project is not due to be completed until 2031. So far, Arklow, Bradenham and Chartridge have all been demolished.

“These plans represent the first major step in our expanded commitment to the Aylesbury community,” Faraday ward labour councillor Jack Buck (pictured)  told the News.

“It’s one that continues to deliver for existing residents and ensures that regeneration doesn’t mean a loss in the social homes people desperately need.

“The new delivery of additional social homes in these early phases also guarantees that every resident and leaseholder in phases three and four will be able to move in to new homes in the foreseeable future, securing their right to remain in the Aylesbury community they call home.”

His thoughts were echoed by Cllr Johnson Situ, the council’s cabinet member for growth, development and planning, who said: “I am proud that we have been able to adapt our plans for the Aylesbury estate to increase the number of social homes across the estate, continuing on our work to see no net loss in social housing on the estate.

“We will continue to work with Notting Hill Genesis to ensure that each phase of the rebuilding of the estate delivers the best possible outcome for the Aylesbury community.”

The first phase of the project already has seen the number of planned affordable homes rise to 84 per cent.

The council is aiming to have vacant possession of this first site – which is still home to three remaining leaseholders – by the end of this month with the first new builds expected to be completed in 2020-21. This will include 348 social rent homes, 211 for shared ownership, and 235 private properties

Plot 18 (300-313 Missenden) has been demolished and work on community facilities – a library, early years centre, GP surgery and health centre planned on the site is due to start after July and be completed by 2021/2.  There will also be seventeen extra social rent homes for the over-55s.



  1. “Affordable” to whom exactly? Not anyone of the London “Living” Wage I’ll warrant! And why are the council building [235] private homes for sale on Council Land, I have no objection once the Social Housing Waiting List is cleared…

  2. 25% social homes, while millions are needed. Does Tiny Blair realise what he has done when he made social landlords private operators under government supervision?

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