Friday, May 27, 2022
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Southwark Council receives £100,000 towards domestic abuse victim support

Southwark Council has received £100,000 in government funding, which will be put towards supporting victims of domestic abuse.

The money will be used to improve refuge facilities in the borough, including the creation of specialised refuge spaces for disabled women, or women with disabled children.

It will also go towards helping women move on from refuge facilities.

Councillor Michael Situ, Southwark Cabinet member for communities and safety, said: “Refuge accommodation is an important part of the package of support we offer to women who decide to flee domestic abuse perpetuators. I’m glad we now have the funding to increase the number of refuges in the borough and support those hoping to rebuild their lives further down the line.”



  1. I think this is great news, however what about men…they make up 45% of domestic abuse cases. I mean why make it a gendered issue in the first place also

  2. Same old femmy propaganda mate, this is how they spend your council tax. Read ‘Prone to Violence’ by Erin Pizzey in which she reveals the extent to which domestic violence ‘victims’ are usually violent themselves

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