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Neil Coyle: I’d back Jess Phillips over Keir Starmer

Neil Coyle backs Jess Philips over Keir Starmer as the next Labour leader.

Coyle believes the party’s next leader shouldn’t be a Corbynite as a “clean break is needed” to get the electorate back on side.

Phillips, the Birmingham Yardley Labour MP since 2015 is believed to soon announce she is entering the race.

Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary,  is widely considered to be the current favourite, with Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy, Yvette Cooper, Clive Lewis and Emily Thornberry also tipped to run.

Speaking yesterday, Coyle said: “The question for Labour members is, do we want to win the next election? And do we actually want to have the chance to turn around some of what the Tories have been doing.

“Or do we continue to want to just put up more placards and get on another protest? That’s the question for Labour members.”

He went on to explain:  “I think Jess Phillips or another candidate – there will be others to come forward I’m sure – will give us a better chance to do that than someone who has been part of the shadow cabinet around Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership team.”



  1. Labour are so out of touch with the people of this country its getting embarrassing. Jess Phillips is just another big mouthed hypocrite who lead Labour to nowhere. Clueless choice by clueless people. The Tories should start planning their winning celebrations for the next election immediately. Phillips is another sneering politician who thinks that by shouting she wins arguments.

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