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National Unity Government: Harriet Harman dodges ‘caretaker’ talk

Harriet Harman dodged questions this week on whether she will challenge Corbyn and place herself as leader of a ‘caretaker’ government with support from centrist Labour MPs and the Lib Dems.

The Camberwell and Peckham MP failed to quash rumours when she declined to comment on reports she was in discussions with Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson to lead a so-called national unity government and seize control of Brexit.

Also mooted as a caretaker leader in a coalition is Tory stalwart and pro-European Ken Clarke, the longest serving male MP.

The News understands Harman’s only public statement on the matter is a tweet posted last Thursday, saying: “@jeremycorbyn is right to reach out across parties to stop No Deal Brexit.

“No Deal Brexit would be catastrophic. We will all work together to enable Parliament to prevent the deep damage a No Deal Brexit would do to our country!”

In the Commons Boris Johnson has just a majority of one, propped up with DUP support. Jeremy Corbyn also fails to command a majority.

Meanwhile, as the October deadline looms the UK looks on course for no deal.

Fellow Southwark MP Neil Coyle backs Harman as an ‘excellent choice’, telling the News: “She is the mother of the House of Commons, does unite across the house, and could be the serious contender we need.”


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