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Green Party launches Youth Manifesto in Camberwell

The Green Party launched its national Youth Manifesto with a press conference on Saturday at Cambridge House.

The party’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley led the speeches, and the launch was also attended by the party’s parliamentary candidate for Camberwell and Peckham, Eleanor Margolies.

Jonathan told the audience: “This manifesto is the blue print for the caring country we know Britain can be, and must be.

“Everybody here today knows that young people matter. And that a political party that fails to work with and listen to young people, and ignores them in favour of older people, that thinks of the future in terms of their tenure in office and not in terms of today’s youth, is not a political party at all, but a closed-off clique.”

The party’s general election policies for young people include:

  • Scrapping tuition fees
  • Writing off student debt
  • Creating affordable homes
  • Paying interns a living-wage
  • Raising LGBTIQ+ awareness

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