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Full list of candidates standing for local election published

The full list of candidates standing for local election on May 3, 2018 in Southwark has been published by the council.

The currently Labour-run council is standing a full slate of candidates in every ward in the borough, as are the Liberal Democrat opposition, and the Conservatives.

UKIP, the All Peoples Party, Greens and TUSC are all standing less candidates than in 2014.

The full list of candidates, by ward, is below, in alphabetical order, by last name.

For more information, visit the council website here.


Borough Bankside

BELL-CROSS Lorin Thomas – Labour Party

CHAMBERLAIN Victor Max Mark – Liberal Democrat

DIDER-GARNHAM Suzie Ann – Conservative Party Candidate

FERGUSON Robert McNeil – Conservative Party Candidate

HAMILTON Peter Bernard – Green Party

LEUCHARS William Alexander – Green Party

MCNAMEE Anthony Thomas – Conservative Party Candidate

MORRIS Adele Dorothea – Liberal Democrat

NOAKES David – Liberal Democrat

PARKIN Kevin Leslie – The Socialist Party (SP-GB

PONLE Gloria Ayisha – Labour Party

SCHOLES Eileen – Women`s Equality Party

THAKAR Aman – Labour Party

WHITE Maren – Green Party


Camberwell Green

ANDERSON Naomi Claire – Conservative

BERESFORD Tracey Elizabeth – Green Party Lead Candidate

DIXON-FYLE Dora – Labour and Co-operative Party

FIDGETT Alexis Luke – Green Party

FLYNN Tom – Labour and Co-operative Party

HAYWARD Robert Antony – Conservative Party Candidate

INGRAM Paul Martin – Green Party

LEECH Jason – Liberal Democrat

NICOL Nik – Liberal Democrat

O`CONNOR Erik Edgar Eoin – Conservative Party Candidate

WILLIAMS Kieron Joseph – Labour and Co-operative Party

WILLIE Joseph Morris – Liberal Democrat


Champion Hill

BLANGO Columba Michael Joe – Liberal Democrat

HOWARD Alexander P – Green Party

HUNT Jonathan Nigel – Liberal Democrat

JOHN Peter Charles – Labour Party

KING Sarah Eve – Labour Party

MILLAR Michael – Green Party

SCHURER-LEWIS Fraser – Conservative Party Candidate

TOWEY Ray – Christian Peoples Alliance

TRUSS Francis Peter – Conservative Party Candidate



ANYAEJI Edward – Conservative Party Candidate

BAFFOE Winnie – Green Party

CLARK Poddy – Liberal Democrat

COLLINS Laura Anne – Conservative Party Candidate

DENNIS Helen Claire – Labour and Co-operative Party

EASTHAM Karl David – Labour and Co-operative Party

ISLAM Sirajul – Labour and Co-operative Party

SHEIK Mackie Umarr – Liberal Democrat

SMITH George Kenneth – Conservative Party Candidate

VABULAS Phil – Green Party

WARREN Rebecca – Green Party

ZREIKA Michael – Liberal Democrat


 Dulwich Hill

BROWNING Maggie – Labour Party

BRUCE-MITFORD Myrtle Elizabeth – Green Party

BUKOLA Michael Adewale – Liberal Democrat

HARTLEY Jon – Labour Party

MITCHELL Jonathan Stuart – Liberal Democrat

OKPARAOCHA Edith Ikechi – Conservative Party Candidate

VINCENT Jamie – Green Party

WOLF Rachel Janet – Conservative Party Candidate


Dulwich Wood

CHATHLI Lindsay – Conservative Party Candidate

COPE John – Conservative Party Candidate

GAUGE Steven Howard – Liberal Democrat

GLENN Christopher Simon – Green Party

MACKAY Andrew – Liberal Democrat

RAPLEY Dale Leslie – Green Party

ROSE Catherine – Labour Party

SIMMONS Andy – Labour Party


Dulwich Village

CHIDLEY William John – Green Party

GARDNER Brigid Catherine – Liberal Democrat

GRIPPER Ruth Helen – Liberal Democrat

HASNAIN Gulnar – Green Party

LEEMING Richard Michael – Labour and Co-operative Party

LYONS Jane Barbara – Conservative Party Candidate

MITCHELL Andrew Michael – Conservative Party Candidate

NEWENS Margy – Labour and Co-operative Party



BUCK Jack – Labour Party

COLBOURNE Tim – Liberal Democrat

ELLIS Novelette Jennifer – Conservative Party Candidate

FLEMING Paul William – Labour Party

FURZE David Charles – Conservative Party Candidate

GALVELIS Ignas – Green Party

HENNESSY Liam – Green Party

HOSKIN Liba – Green Party

HUDSON Chris – Liberal Democrat

LAUDER Lorraine – Labour Party

MORRISON Loana Elaine – Conservative Party Candidate

PEMBERTON-NELSON Lauren Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat


Goose Green

ADES Rosemary – Green Party

BARBER James – Liberal Democrat

BRADBURY David Savile – Conservative Party Candidate

BROOMHEAD Robert Alan – Conservative Party Candidate

DONACHIE Clare Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat

EMPSON Claire – Women`s Equality Party

GREEN Michael Andrew – Liberal Democrat

JENNINGS David Raymond – Green Party

LATCHFORD Dale – Green Party

MCASH James Robert – Labour Party

OLISA Victoria Ego – Labour Party

POOLE-WILSON Michael Charles – Conservative Party Candidate

SMITH Charlie – Labour Party


 London Bridge and West Bermondsey

ALI Humaira – Liberal Democrat

BATTESON John Seymour – Labour Party

CREELY Bernard John – Green Party

ECKERSLEY Toby – Conservative Party Candidate

EYLES Julie – Labour Party

HOUNGBO William – Liberal Democrat

MCDONAGH Edward Joseph – Labour Party

NEWPORT GAY Nathan – Conservative Party Candidate

O`BRIEN Damian Shaun – Liberal Democrat

PACKER Richard John – Conservative Party Candidate

WERNER Claude Rubio – Green Party



AMOR Will – Conservative Party Candidate

BADMAN Sue – Conservative Party Candidate

BELCHEVA Kate -Green Party

BIGOS Alistair Simon – Liberal Democrat

COLDWELL James David – Labour Party

DORAN James Kieran – Liberal Democrat

KERSLAKE Eleanor Anne – Labour Party

LYONS Joseph Anthony – Conservative Party Candidate

MACDONALD Alice – Labour Party

MEHARI Betiel – Green Party

POWELL David – Green Party

SHONE Harriet Ellen – Liberal Democrat


 North Bermondsey

AL-SAMERAI Anood – Liberal Democrat

BAKER Andrew George Scott – Conservative Party Candidate


BRIDGETT Dan – Conservative Party Candidate

CUMMINGS Clare Louise – Green Party

EMMANUEL Leona Sabina – Labour Party

JAFFER Shahina – Labour Party

JOHNSON Luke Daniel – Conservative Party Candidate

JONES Kevin Stephen – Green Party

KANDINSKY Gary Mark Antony – Trade Unionist and Socialists against Cuts

MANN Eliza Packiadevi – Liberal Democrat

MCCALLUM Hamish Gordon – Liberal Democrat

TAYLOR Jack – Labour Party


North Walworth

BAFFOE Peter Ntiamoah – Green Party

BECKLEY Daniel Augustus Peter – Liberal Democrat

BITEK OMACH Ben – Conservative Party Candidate

CARRINGTON Lucy – Independent

CHAMPION Michael – Conservative Party Candidate

DEANE Alex – Conservative Party Candidate

HIRST Emily Clare Collins – Liberal Democrat

LURY Rebecca Anna-Marie – Labour Party

MANNES-ABBOTT Guy – Green Party

MERRILL Darren James – Labour Party

SAINSBURY Edward Krishan – Liberal Democrat

SEATON Martin Luther – Labour Party

USMA Lina Maria – Green Party


Nunhead Queen’s Road

BARBE Steve – Green Party

CHATHLI Harry – Conservative Party Candidate

CHOPRA Suni – Labour Party

EDWARDS Gavin James – Labour Party

GARRIQUES Domonic Adrian – Conservative Party Candidate

MORRIS Rupert Alexander Carnac – Liberal Democrat

MUSTOE Sarah Jane – Liberal Democrat

RHULE Sandra Dean – Labour Party

SCHWEIKER Rosalie Sabine – Green Party

SHAW Bartley Robert – Green Party

SHIELDS Gillian Helen – Liberal Democrat

SMITH Andrew Michael Thomas – Conservative Party Candidate


Old Kent Road

AKOTO Evelyn Osei – Labour Party

BURSTIN Dominic Hugo – Conservative Party Candidate

COOPER Gemma Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat

KITCHEN Simon John – Conservative Party Candidate

KYRIACOU Paul Andrew – Liberal Democrat

LIVINGSTONE Richard John – Labour Party

MARTIN Nick – Green Party

MCNALLY Tim – Liberal Democrat

MOTTAU Chris – Conservative Party Candidate

SITU Michael Kayode – Labour Party


Peckham Rye

BARTHOLOMEW Matthew Robert William – Conservative Party Candidate

BENNETT Gerard Joseph – Green Party

GAMESTER Nathan Andrew – Conservative Party Candidate

HAMVAS Renata Maria – Labour Party

MILLS Victoria Louise – Labour Party

PARTRIDGE Derek William – Liberal Democrat

SHEPPARD Claire Frances – Independent

SKELLY Robert John – Liberal Democrat



EVANS John Wesley – Conservative Party Candidate

GRIFFITHS Anthony Hugh – Green Party

HARGROVE Barrie John – Labour Party

HENDERSON Christopher – Green Party

HOOK Jeff – Liberal Democrat

JOHNSON Benjamin Francis – Liberal Democrat

MACLAREN Jane Susan – Conservative Party Candidate

OFODU Philomena Ifeoma – Liberal Democrat

SITU Johnson Adeniyi – Labour Party

SOANES Cleo – Labour Party

WARD Martina Josephine – Conservative Party Candidate



BOYLE Colin – Green Party

BURTON Edward – Conservative Party Candidate

CRYAN Stephanie – Labour and Co-operative Party

GORDON Mel – Liberal Democrat

HOLDER Tom – Liberal Democrat

LINDSAY Kirsten St Clair – Conservative Party Candidate

MANSER Roger John – Green Party

NOWAK Wendy Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat

ROBINSON William – Conservative Party Candidate

WHITTAM Kath – Labour and Co-operative Party

WILLIAMS Bill – Labour and Co-operative Party


Rye Lane

ALI Jasmine – Labour Party

BABUDU Peter Bonyiah – Labour Party

CLARKE Robert James – Conservative Party Candidate

DEVARAJ Jagan – Green Party

DOLEZAL Nick – Labour Party

EVANS David – Green Party

FOX Damian Gerard – Conservative Party Candidate

HUNT Veronica Anne – Liberal Democrat

JOSEPH Barry Norman – Conservative Party Candidate

LOTHIAN Kirsty Alice – Green Party

ROGERS Thomas Matthew – Liberal Democrat

SCOTT Al – Liberal Democrat


South Bermondsey

BELL Gareth Donald Berridge – Liberal Democrat

BLACKMAN Paul – Green Party

GROVE Kirsty Lauren – Liberal Democrat

KING Michael John – UKIP

LAMBE Sunny Adegboyega – Labour Party

MORIZUR- BRULLER Antoine Pascal – Conservative Party Candidate

POLLAK Leo Max – Labour Party


REMY Valerie – Green Party


TIPLER Andrew James George – Liberal Democrat

TWINN Ian David – Conservative Party Candidate

WERNER Leanne Louise – Labour Party

WILLIAMS Alexander Grey – Conservative Party Candidate

St George’s

AARONS Siobhan Gite – Conservative Party Candidate

CHANDARANA Kishan – Conservative Party Candidate

CUMBO Ellie – Labour Party

GRIFFITHS Mark – Labour Party

LINFORTH-HALL Maria Rosa Victoria – Liberal Democrat

NEALE Graham James – Liberal Democrat

POCOCK Ian David – Green Party


St Giles

BROWN Timothy Gordon – Liberal Democrat

BURGESS Radha Elizabeth – Labour Party

DAVISON Graham – Conservative Party Candidate

MACNAUGHTON Vanessa – Liberal Democrat

MARGOLIES Eleanor Phoebe – Green Party Lead Candidate

MUNRO John Peter – Liberal Democrat

OCHERE Jason Abeka Effah – Labour Party

ORR Paula Rosaleen – Green Party

PIMLOTT Adam Andrew – Conservative Party Candidate

WHEELDON Susie Kate – Green Party

WINGFIELD Robert Ian – Labour Party

WOOLLER Oliver Hugh – Conservative Party Candidate


Surrey Docks

CLARKE Amy Elizabeth – Labour Party

FINDELL Mark Gordon John – Conservative Party Candidate

FOX Simon Joseph – Conservative Party Candidate

GINNETT Hannah Elizabeth – Conservative Party Candidate

JOHNSON Nick – Liberal Democrat

LANE Sandra – Green Party

RULE John Philip – Labour Party

SALMON Nicola Jane – Liberal Democrat

TUCKER Will – Labour Party

WHITEHEAD Dan – Liberal Democrat



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