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Food banks look for help preventing ‘holiday hunger’

Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP Neil Coyle is appealing to News readers to donate to the food banks and charities across the borough to help stop children going hungry during the schools holidays.

Last week the Labour MP chaired the latest meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on food banks, and heard shocking statistics about the number of children going without meals after term ends.

Across the country, half a million children are reliant on charities for basic essentials.

In his constituency, Coyle has urged well-wishers to donate food, shower and sanitary products, and baby good like nappies to Southwark food bank, Pecan, and other local charities who experience surging demand throughout July and August.

“The figures from Pecan, Oasis, the Central Southwark Community Hub and other independent local foodbanks show hundreds of Southwark kids needing feeding by charities this summer,” he told the News.

“This is shocking in our capital city in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet.

“Many of the children have working parents but are missing free school meals and become reliant on charity.

“There was a 32 per cent jump last year at the main food bank, Pecan, who helped 146 children last August.

“This summer demand will be higher as Universal Credit takes its sad toll in our community. Please help if you can.”

To donate to Southwark food bank, please visit for more information.


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