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Exclusive: Neil Coyle launches stinging attack on Piers Morgan – after telling the News he was swearing off bad language for good

Neil Coyle tore strips out of Piers Morgan this morning, telling him to “go F**** himself” after the Good Morning Britain host claimed MPs were using murdered Jo Cox –  friend of Coyle’s  – for their “viciously tribal Brexit war”.

Coyle described Morgan as a “waste of space, air and skin”, who made him “sick”, with Morgan retorting that MPs throwing insults shouldn’t dare to lecture others on their behaviour.

The row erupted after Parliament returned yesterday, with the prime minister facing the music over the Supreme Court ruling that the prorogation had been unlawful.

In the chamber, MPs accused Boris Johnson’s language as divisive and toxic, and directly leading to threats against politicians and hate crime across the UK, invoking the memory of their murdered colleague, who was killed by a far-right activist.

In response to their criticism, Johnson branded claims the increasingly toxic political debate was dangerous as “humbug”, and claimed the best way to honour Cox’s memory would be to get on with Brexit.

Coyle, who previously branded Boris Johnson a “d**k” on live TV has never been one to shy away from saying what he really thinks.

In this case, the comments were deeply personal, as he and Cox were close friends and colleagues.

Since her death, he has been a keen supporter of the Jo Cox Foundation, the charity set up in her memory, which aims to build a fairer, more compassionate society.

This is what her husband had to say:

Outspoken MP Neil Coyle had – just last week – claimed he was cleaning up his act, after constituents complained about his potty mouthed tendencies.

Speaking to this newspaper after announcing he had made it through Labour’s selection process, the slightly sheepish Labour MP, said he had listened to his members and constituents’ views.

“Some of my members have raised it with me, often they agree with me, but say I just don’t need to be that crude,” he admitted, saying he would be aiming to avoid turning the air quite so blue.

“One said ‘I don’t want to see that done effectively in my name’, and I have taken that on board.

“I will be toning down the language but never the passion.”

But that pledge appears to have gone out the window.

Yesterday he also branded the latest Brexit stance from Labour’s Party Conference, where Corbyn agreed to neither lobby for Remain or Leave, as “bull****”.



  1. Coyle is an embarrassment. All he does is insult and abuse people via Twitter. He is like a spoilt child who cant get his own way. Maybe thats the way posh middle class kids from Luton behave, but for the MP of Bermondsey his behaviour is pathetic

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