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EU Settlement Scheme: ‘Despite living here for 47 years my constituent is being told to leave’

Neil Coyle has described the EU settlement scheme as a “shameful mess” after one of his constituents’ application was rejected – despite living in the UK for nearly 50 years.

The Bermondsey resident moved to London in 1972 and since then has clocked up 47 years of continued residence and contributions, working as a cleaner. She is one of 10,000 EU nationals living in Coyle’s constituency.

Despite still being in possession of her original paper “certificate of registration”, her application to the Home Office was denied. If the decision is not overturned she would be unable to remain in the country.

“A constituent brought this to see me. She’s lived here since 1972. Home Office now claims she has no right to be here despite 47 years continued residence/ contribution.

“She has no family in Portugal any more. I hope to overturn this shameful mess.”

According to the government, 1.5 million people so far have applied to the scheme in order to gain official status to live and work in the country after December 31, 2020 – well under the total estimated number of EU citizens in the UK.

The application system has been criticised for a backlog in applications, technical problems, and a rise in the number of people being given “pre-settled status” – limited leave to remain – when they should be eligible for full status.



  1. “moved to London in 1972”

    iirc The UK had not joined the EU in 1972 so it would surprise me if the EU settlement scheme computer said ‘yes’

    The only drawback for the scheme is the app which doesnt seem to work on every version of iPhone

    I put the app on my android so one of my EU buddies could sign up to the scheme …

    … it worked fine and he is happily settled in the UK and looking forward to a prosperous future right here with us.

    Hope useful.

    best regds

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