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Kennington EU Debate to feature former Work and Penions secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron

A debate on whether to remain in the EU will be held in Kennington on June 16, featuring the leader of the Liberal Democrats and Woodford Green MP, Iain Duncan Smith.

‘Europe: In or Out: It’s about more than money’, will take place at the Oasis Centre in Kennington Road from 5.30pm until 8pm. As well as Tim Farron MP and the recently-resigned Work and Pensions secretary, the debate will be joined by Oasis UK founder, the Rev Steve Chalk, and chaired by former MP Lembit Opik..

Ticket are £5. Visit to find out more, or call  020 7921 4200.



  1. EU referendum – British Citizens living outside the UK entitled to vote ? Beware, My vote has been totally blocked !

    As a British Citizen living outside the UK, “Officially” I meet all eligibility criteria to register and vote. However, when attempting to register and vote they say my current address which is outside the UK & outside the EU is not eligible – as they can’t find my address! Really ! Thus I simply cannot vote. Is there an assumption that I will vote to leave because I live outside the EU ? you decide. Originally I wanted to vote to Remain. However I now wish to change my vote to LEAVE, due to the vote blocking I have experienced. I also know as a fact that I am not the only “Officially Eligible” voter where I live, experiencing the same issue

    This is all wrong. God knows what life is going to be like if the UK population, those who actually can vote that
    is, votes to Remain. How totally corrupt and undemocratic ! I guess it is true what “the Brexit video” on YOUTUBE says regarding loss of Sovereignty, Freedom, Democracy & Big Brother EU. My own experience is very worrying and provides direct proof.

    Please think very carefully how you will vote, I am NOT ALLOWED to vote ! Please consider voting LEAVE, as I cannot – because my choice of being able to vote has already been taken away !

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