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Election profile: ‘End mass uncontrolled immigration’, argues UKIP in Dulwich and West Norwood

Standing for the UK Independence Party in Dulwich and West Norwood is John Kenneth Plume.

He has previously stood as a Lambeth local election candidate in Thornton ward and for Streatham South.

Unusually, the party is also standing against the Brexit party, which also calls for a complete withdrawal from the European Union.

Mr Plume did not respond to requests for an interview before the News went to press.

However the party, formerly led by Nigel Farage, the now-leader of the Brexit Party, calls for a “complete and total withdrawal from the European Union” with no compensation paid, no jurisdiction of EU laws over the UK, and an end to free movement.

The party does not accept that the withdrawal agreement that has been negotiated by Boris Johnson is satisfactory, saying: “UKIP will continue to fight for the UK’s total independence from the EU, and to fully restore the UK’s former status as an independent, self-governing, sovereign state.”

For the NHS, it pledges to keep the service free at the point of use, but argues that it is a “national health service and not an international health service.”

“The NHS is open to widespread abuse by non-UK citizens,” states the manifesto. “We will end ‘health tourism’ by foreign nationals.”

UKIP believes that “mass uncontrolled immigration” has been damaging to Britain, and calls for it to end.

In its place would be “a selective and limited Australian style points-based immigration system,”

Immigration for permanent settlement would also be strictly limited. Immigration is closely linked to housing for the party, as it says:

“The UK does not have a housing problem – it has a demand problem, with demand being fuelled by mass uncontrolled immigration.”

It calls for an introduction of a five-year residency qualification in certain areas, including prime London spots, for non-UK buyers to purchase property.

Alongside this is a pledge to million new homes on brownfield sites.

On education, UKIP supports the expansion of new grammar schools, which it says are a proven route to success for working class children, but supports expansion alongside a different system of vocational schooling.

Perhaps controversially it also opposes compulsory LGBT-inclusive relationships education in primary schools, which has been the topic of ongoing protest in Birmingham.

Other key pledges also include a commitment to scrap HS2, bolster manufacturing industries and to limit the use of zero hours contracts except where it is mutually beneficial to employees and the employer.


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