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Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP Neil Coyle calls Jeremy Corbyn abuse list “desperate”

Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP Neil Coyle has called Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s team leaking of a list which named people he felt had abused him, “desperate”.

The list that was released yesterday, in a highly unusual move, and contained names of MPs Corbyn says has “abused him”.

Among the names was MP Neil, who quickly took to social media to denounce the move as “trial by troll” and “victim culture”.

MP Neil told the News: “Corbyn claims to be trying to heal the divisions he’s caused and then releases a list of MPs he accuses of abuse without any evidence or detail. Corbyn also claims to not support negative campaigning but publishes another list of MPs who disagree with him.

“His team have claimed it was leaked accidentally but knowing they are wasting time fostering internal divisions demonstrates exactly why I am supporting Owen Smith for leader who genuinely wants to unify Labour and move us forward to a better position, attracting more voters and building our policy platform for the next election.”

Corbyn’s team has since said the release of the list was “an accident”, and that it was just a draft press release.

The Labour Leadership race has now entered its final week, with candidates Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn both hoping to unite the party.




  1. I am not going to name any particular MP for abuse to members for obvious reasons. But after the leadership election ordinary labour party members are going to write complaints and send copies to the labour party HQ of articles that have appeared in the media on the internet where MPs have been abusive towards labour party members and Jeremy Corbyn and Jeremy Corbyn labour party staff. Members expect the labour party to take action against labour MPs the same as the action labour party has taken against alleged abusive members. MPs are not more equal than labour party members.

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