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Peckham ‘GoodGym’ runner given award by Theresa May

A Peckham woman who has clocked up 1,600 kilometres jogging around the borough carrying out good deeds has been given a special award by the Prime Minister, writes Katherine Johnston…

Beth Hoskins, a genetic scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, was nominated for the Points of Light award as the first GoodGym volunteer to complete 500 ‘good deeds’, since joining the Southwark branch in January 2014.

The award is given to outstanding volunteers to celebrate their valuable work in the community.

Instead of hitting the gym, Beth runs every week to see an isolated 64-year-old called Paul. She is part of GoodGym, a community of runners all over the UK who work out while helping others.

She has also helped turf the roof of the Southbank, carry eight tonnes of woodchip in Queen Elizabeth Park, and move a pirate ship climbing frame for a community garden Plaistow.

Her other voluntary activities include delivering food donations to Vauxhall food bank and sorting donated clothes for the Camberwell Salvation Army.

In a personal letter to Ms Hoskins, PM Theresa May said: “You have demonstrated a tremendous commitment to helping others, doing good deeds, and promoting healthy living.”

Ms Hoskins said: “The tasks are really variable; some are as small as just changing a lightbulb while others, like clearing an overgrown garden, can be quite physically demanding.

“Whatever the task though, seeing how grateful people are that there is someone able and willing to help makes it all worthwhile.”


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