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Paws for thought before walking dogs in heatwave, says RSPCA

The RSPCA is advising pet owners to check tarmac temperature before letting the dogs outside in case their paws get burnt in the heatwave.

As London basks in temperatures reaching 32 degrees celsius, pavements that are too hot for your bare feet are also too hot for your pet’s paws – and can cause painful blisters and burns.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA’s London and South-East team has now shared the charity’s advice for keeping pets happy and healthy during the heatwave.

  • Avoid exercising animals in excessively hot weather – it is best to go out in the early morning and late evening when it is cooler
  • Touch the pavement with your hand before going for walkies – if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pets
  • Never leave pets unattended in hot places like cars, caravans and outbuildings – temperatures can rise quickly and cause danger for animals
  • Freezing a dog’s water bowl or kong before putting water or treats in helps keep them cool for longer – and don’t forget to add ice to their water
  • Damp towels to lie on or a paddling pool with shallow water can really help – and add a bit of fun. But don’t leave pets unsupervised in water.
  • Use pet-safe sun cream to keep them safe from sunburn
  • Make sure they always have access to shade and fresh drinking water
  • Avoid travelling unless absolutely necessary and keep car windows down while driving – but never leave a pet in a car even if the window is open, it can still get dangerously hot
  • Keep pesticides out of reach – insect sprays can be dangerous if swallowed accidentally
  • Keep fish tanks and other pet’s homes out of direct sunlight and make sure ponds are topped up with more water.

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