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Grieving friends left in the dark by Southwark Coroner’s Court


Friends of a much-loved recently deceased Bermondsey man have criticised the Coroner’s Court for “not releasing any information” about a funeral or whether a next of kin has been found.

Meurig Gomer Wyn-Roberts, 53, known as Gomer Roberts to his friends, was found dead above the Greyhound Pub in Peckham last month.

But as police have been unable to identify any next of kin, close friends have criticised the coroner for not giving any information about what will happen to his body and fear a public health funeral.

Andy Gorgan, one of Gomer’s friends, said: “It’s frustrating. You want to put a man to rest and no one is coming forward with anything. The coroner and the police are not releasing any information.

“We just don’t know why they are holding back, we don’t even know if they’ve found the family. It is all wrong.

“You keep getting people asking whether there’s news or whether they’ve found anything and there’s nothing.

“If they can’t find the next of kin they should let us have a go. The point is that all his friends want to put him to rest peacefully.”

The News has tried to obtain details as to how the investigation was going to find a next of kin or whether there would be funeral but was told by the coroner’s that they couldn’t reveal anything.

If anyone with information about Gomer’s family or think they can help with tracking them down, please email



  1. I knew Gomer in the 80s when he worked as a Broker in the City. Sadly, it’s taken until now for me to find out what became of him. The term ‘Gentle Giant’ could not be more apt. He was the biggest human being I ever
    met, and in those days had a huge shock of blonde hair!

    One great advantage to visiting any Chelsea Pub with Gomer was that you never had a problem being served quickly!

    He died far too young but God bless him for his good works.Gorffwys mewn heddwch, big fella.

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