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Camberwell woman raises £1,200 for charity that helped her since she was young


A Camberwell woman’s sponsored walk has raised more than £1,000 for the charity she has gone to for advice since she was a little girl.

Lucy Kavanagh, 27, was diagnosed on her twelfth birthday with Chron’s disease – an inflammation of the digestive system, affecting sufferer’s intestines and gut with ulcers.

Having finished the five-kilometre walk for Chrohn’s & Colitis UK on Saturday, whilst hand in hand with her boyfriend, Lucy said: “It was really lovely and a really successful day.

“I’ve been going to the charity since my first year of secondary school and using them for advice ever since.

“We didn’t have a computer for a lot of my time at school, so I always used them to explain to teachers or employers about what my disease does. Before I found them all my parents could do was go through medical papers.

“Chrohn’s leaves me feeling very fatigued and it can flare up at any time and sometimes cause diarrhoea and vomiting. I can lose a week at work or school and people will assume it was just some strange illness.

“Because it makes you feel so tired it felt like a big achievement for me and the rest of the people doing the charity walk.”

Lucy has now raised about £1,200. Visit to find out more about Chrohn’s & Colitis UK.


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