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Three kittens ‘found abandoned in heavily-taped cardboard box on Bermondsey road’

An urgent appeal has been launched after three ‘abandoned’ kittens were found in a heavily taped cardboard box on Bermondsey’s Spa Road.

The cats were rescued late Thursday morning only minutes before refuse collectors – who may not have noticed them trapped inside – were due to dispose of the box, which had been placed near to some bins.

Luckily, a passer-by walking his dog heard their cries and rushed them to safety at the London Cat Clinic, a nearby vets.

In an appeal, Cats Protection Blackheath and Deptford – who have placed the kittens in a foster home – said: “We estimate the kittens are between 4 and 5 weeks old – too young to have been separated from their mum, as although kittens are able to eat solid food at this age, they still need their mum’s milk.

“These boys are now in a foster home, where they’re being fed kitten formula milk in addition to solid food.”

The charity believes the person who left the cats wanted them to be found and taken care of, as the cardboard box had air-holes and bedding inside.

However, it said: “Leaving the box in the street for someone to find was likely to have been a misguided attempt to get help for some unwanted kittens.

“But unfortunately dumping cats and kittens in this way always places them in danger.”

The charity, which finds new homes for unwanted cats and kittens, is now appealing for the owner of the kittens’ mother to urgently contact them.

“We’re concerned about these kittens’ mum, who will need neutering to prevent more unwanted kittens,” said the charity.

“If there are any more unwanted kittens in the household, please contact us and we will take them in for re-homing.

“Any info about this family would be greatly appreciated as we would really like to help the owner prevent this from happening again – we won’t be judgmental, so please get in touch and ask for help.”

It added that the owner would be given a voucher to cover the full cost of neutering the kittens’ mother at any vets.

The charity told the News that it runs a free voucher service for those living in South-East London postcodes for everyone regardless of income, which will cover the cost of neutering cats.

If you are the owner, or would benefit from the neutering voucher scheme, the charity’s helpline can be contacted on 020 8853 8666.

The Cats Protection website can be found here.



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