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Tests reveal flammable cladding on high-rise Bermondsey block

Residents have been reassured there is “no immediate danger” after tests revealed flammable cladding on a high-rise Bermondsey building.

Tests have confirmed that cladding on Bolanachi Building, in Spa Road/Enid Street, contains aluminium composite material – which has been called into question following the fatal Grenfell Tower fire, in Kensington.

Hyde Housing Group, which owns the building, is also awaiting results of cladding tests for five other buildings in Southwark.

Samples of cladding on Eyott House, Artesian House, Davoll House, Hicks House and Prospect House, all in Bermondsey Spa, have also been sent for testing.

Fire wardens and other safety precautions have been put in place at all of these buildings and Hyde continues to liaise with London Fire Brigade and other fire safety experts to consider what the next course of action should be.

“When we sent the cladding samples off for the properties in Southwark, we made sure we wrote to all the residents concerned and introduced roaming safety watch patrols as an extra pairs of eyes and ears,” Carol Jones, director of communications, marketing and public affairs, told the News.

“They are in those buildings 24/7 to make sure that stairwells are kept clear and there isn’t rubbish causing a fire hazard – just as an extra precaution.

“The only building we’ve had test results back for [in Southwark] is Bolanachi House and that has confirmed it is aluminium composite material cladding.

“We are confident that our residents in that building are as safe as they can be.

“We are still awaiting results for other properties, however Hyde works as a strategic partner with London Fire Brigade and that means we use them for their expert advice throughout our entire London portfolio.

“At the moment we are taking advice from London Fire Brigade and other specialist fire consultants as to what we need to do next because every building is different and constructed differently and every solution has to be bespoke to the building.

“We’ve asked residents to bear with us while we do more tests and that we will be moving as swiftly as possible.

“Rest assured we are confident that there is no immediate danger.”

Residents are reminded to keep stairwells clear, rubbish off balconies, and to make sure smoke alarms are working.



  1. What will Southwark Council do to ensure that blocks built in the last 10-15 years old are verified properly to meet the right safety standards as well as verifying that new builds today properly to ensure the right standards are being met. Some transparency on how assurance is conducted and to what standards would be welcome.

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