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One in 24 homes now empty in Southwark after huge rise in second home listings

One in 24 homes in Southwark ‘have no one living there’, according to the latest analysis of empty and second homes figures in the borough.

According to government statistics published in November, and compiled by the charity Action on Empty Homes, 3,630 homes in Southwark are no longer listed as primary residences, up from 523 in 2019.  This is a massive rise of almost 600 per cent –  the highest recorded in London borough.

There are also a further 2,358 homes listed as long-term empty properties in Southwark, up from 1,469 this time last year.

Director of Action on Empty Homes, Will McMahon, said: “The new figures are exceptionally worrying.

“It can’t be right that in the last four years we have seen an escalating housing crisis while the number of long-term empty homes keeps rising.

“Today there are nearly 100,000 families languishing in overcrowded and temporary accommodation in England at a time when we know that overcrowded housing is being linked to the spread of  the corona virus and to higher mortality.

“During a national housing crisis we cannot afford to see over 268,000 homes stand empty across the country because of the lack of a government strategy to support councils to bring them back into use.

“It will be impossible to ‘build back better’ if we keep letting our housing crisis get worse.

“Action on Empty Homes calls on the government to introduce a new national empty homes programme to create additional housing supply for those in most housing need, utilising properties currently left vacant or in need of renovation.”



  1. Property next door to me has been empty for nearly 2 years. It has been completely renovated, new kitchen, new plastering but remains empty. I’m sure there must be people on the housing list needing a one bedroom property so why is this flat still vacant?

  2. As my landlord gave me a notice, I have to find a new place. As I’m in my 50, was advised by Southwark Council to look for 1 bed flat and get Universal Credit (I’m working 4 days a week) which I will get. But the issue with private landlords is they DON’T want people with benefits. Do I’m stuck!!! Don’t really want but there is a possibility become a homeless.

  3. I live in southwark brough over crowded in 1 bed room flat I am bidding since 2017 band C no hope at all.+ their is unpleasant odour coming from next door I live very uncomfortable.
    No hope to move

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