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‘Lion of London Bridge’ Roy is out of hospital – and living in a hostel

The Millwall fan who took on three terrorists during the London Bridge attack has swapped his hospital bed for a hostel.

Roy Larner, 47, who shouted ‘F**k you, I’m Millwall’ at the attackers as he confronted them, has been placed in a hostel in Brixton by Southwark Council until a council flat becomes available.

The father-of-one, from Peckham, was discharged from St Thomas’ Hospital last Thursday, June 15, after having surgery for several stab wounds. He was rushed to hospital by two Peckham police officers after he was stabbed while attempting to fend off three terrorists in the Black and Blue restaurant and bar in Borough on June 3.

Roy, hailed a hero and ‘the Lion of London Bridge’ for his brave actions, said he was unsure how long he would have to stay in a hostel – but that it could be months or even a year. “I could be there for three months or six months – or a year,” he told the News.

“They [the council] have been quite quick to put me in a hostel in Brixton because they’ve got nothing in Southwark.

“It’s just a room with a shower in with shared kitchen facilities.”

Roy said he had been trying to get a council flat for the last two or three months and had been staying on friends’ sofas. “I think I have to go through an assessment that take 56 days, but because of what’s gone on they [the council] are sorting it quicker,” he said.

Roy, previously unemployed before the attack, should be starting a security job in the near future after being inundated with job offers since his story went viral.

He said he was recovering well and felt lucky to be alive – and had even been back to the Black and Blue at the weekend for the first time since the attack.

“It’s still painful around my stomach and chest and I’m having to have therapy on my arms, but so far so good, I haven’t had any flashbacks or anything,” he said.

“It was nice going back to the Black and Blue; the staff met me and the manager and it just helped me get my bearings of what happened on the night.

“Millwall have got me a season ticket now,” he added. “They’ve given me and the other Millwall fans caught up in the attack complimentary tickets.”

Cllr Stephanie Cryan, Southwark Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “We have arranged temporary accommodation for Mr Larner and will assist him in finding suitable accommodation.”

A fundraising page set up for the unemployed and homeless Millwall fan has raised more than £50,000 since the attack. To donate, visit:



  1. In a hostel? And he isn’t even complaining. This bloke is a man. He should just be given a flat, as well as a George Medal. Pronto!

  2. Illegals and immigrants seems to be on top of the placement list. It should be the other way around . People like Mr. Larner, should be give priority for accommodation immediately. Something is really wrong (corrupt) with the present system, I hope its rectified and Mr Larner gets housing ASAP.

  3. He should be put into a Luxury Apartment , Disgusting putting him into a hostel.. Good Luck To you Sir..

  4. Just about sums up our country does this, he saved lives without considering his own, the man is a hero, give him whatever he needs I say

  5. What’s really upsetting is that no one helped him!!! What do people think? Batman will save them from Muslim nutcases? They have to stand up to these bullies – the stakes have risen far above “playground” politics. As for the people who don’t at least try to protect themselves – don’t be shocked what happens to you. This will be especially bad for women.

  6. What a brave bastard, if the UK doesn’t honor him for his valor he should immigrate to the USA, at least here he will have a 2nd Amendment Right and can own and carry a firearm with which to protect himself and his loved ones/friends/neighbors.

    This is the kind of guy President Donald J.Trump was famous for helping as a private citizen. Trump NEVER, EVER sought publicity for his kindness not even when he gave Sgt Tamoressi who Obama abandoned and allowed to be imprisoned in Mexico for over a year (for making a wrong turn at the border) $25,000 to “get back on his feet”. Those who were the beneficiaries of Trump’s kindness were the ones who heralded his compassion.

  7. We have homeless pensioners who paid taxes their whole lives and illiterate non English immigrant frauds making comfy in their homes. They target jobs on the councils and then I think they are corruptly helping take over the housing all over Britain.

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