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Council looking for residents to join ‘Fire Safety Adisory Group’

Southwark Council is looking for residents to join a Fire Safety Advisory Group, to offer feedback on potential reforms of its fire safety policies.

The decision to create the group was made following the Grenfell tower fire last month, and as the council announced an independent review of all its fire safety policies, and how it conducts fire risk assessments.

Cllr Stephanie Cryan, (pictured) cabinet member for housing and deputy leader of the council, said: “The Fire Safety Advisory Group is currently being set up with residents, which will help collate how fire safety is promoted to them and what information residents should be given – such as the importance of keeping fire exits clear, prevention and detection of fire, for example. The plan is in its early stages and we’re looking at how this might work.”

To express an interest in becoming a member of the group, email the council on


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