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Cladding covering 20 per cent of Bermondsey building fails fire safety tests

Cladding covering 20 per cent of a Bermondsey housing development has failed fire safety tests.

It has been revealed that a sample of cladding from Notting Hill Housing’s Grange Walk development was sent to be checked by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) but failed the test.

The housing association is in the process of arranging a London Fire Brigade inspection and has a 24-hour fire watch by trained security officers in place.

“A core sample of cladding from Grange Walk in Southwark was sent to the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for testing and they confirmed on Monday that the sample failed the test,” a Notting Hill Housing spokesman told the News today, Wednesday.

“This cladding makes up a minimal part of Grange Walk’s frontage, around 20 per cent, but nevertheless we are taking measures to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our residents.

“We have notified the London Fire Brigade to arrange an inspection, we are checking the current Fire Risk Assessment is valid and any recommendations arising from it have been completed and that all fire-stopping measures are intact and working correctly.

Bolanachi Building, in Bermondsey

“In addition, we have arranged a 24-hour fire watch by trained security officers, which will complement our existing on-site concierge services.

“Grange Walk was our only development within Southwark where BRE testing was required.”

Hyde Housing Group’s Bolanachi Building, in Spa Road/Enid Street, also failed fire safety tests, the News revealed last week.

Tests revealed cladding contained aluminium composite material – which was called into question following the fatal Grenfell Tower fire, in Kensington.

Hyde also awaited results of cladding tests for five other buildings in Southwark.

Samples of cladding on Eyott House, Artesian House, Davoll House, Hicks House and Prospect House, all in Bermondsey Spa, were also been sent for testing.


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