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Virtual cooking classes gets Walworth kids in the kitchen

Burgess Sports are inspiring Walworth kids to get in the kitchen with fun virtual cooking classes, writes Simon Throssell…

At the start of the lockdown, the charity completely transformed its activities from sports practice to cooking up fresh main meals for the community. Based from Burgess Park, the team managed to deliver a whopping 500 meals a week for 18 weeks to families in and around Aylesbury Estate in Walworth.

In September, they decided to give the kids a go in the kitchen. Families are sent a bag of ingredients along with a pre-recorded video and a recipe fit to feed seven people. The meals are designed to be cheap, easy and tasty, and have ranged from Quorn casserole to spinach pie; something that chief executive Ally Teixido was always keen to promote.

Speaking to the News, she said: “We started Kids in the Kitchen to tackle the food insecurity problem in our area and show people that it is possible to eat lots of different healthy meals on a low budget.

“I think that the name nicely sums up what we are trying to do which is to get families cooking together. It has worked so so well and I’m very pleased and very proud of everyone who has got involved.”

There’s never a dull moment in the WhatsApp group as parents are always sharing photos of their children cooking up the treats.

Laughing, Ally said: “I love to see the mums praising and congratulating each other in the group chat.

“Many people have said to me, ‘I never imagined myself doing this and cooking this recipe’. It’s been great to see them take their talents on board and work on this project together.”

For more information about Kids in the Kitchen, follow Burgess Sports on Twitter at


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