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Ambulance service names Southwark one of the worst places for alcohol-related incidents

Southwark is one of the worst places for alcohol-related incidents in the capital, figures have revealed.

Paramedics were called out to 292 alcohol-related incidents in Southwark last year during August alone.

And the borough had more than 3,051 recorded incidents throughout the entire year.

Figures released by the London Ambulance Service also showed that over 6,650 people were treated by ambulance crews after drinking too much in August 2016 – compared to less than 6,000 in December 2016.

They have been released by the service as part of its Not An Ambulance alcohol campaign which aims to encourage people to look after their friends if they have had too much to drink.

Assistant director of operations for south east London Darren Farmer said: “These figures just underline the significant impact alcohol-related incidents have not just on Southwark, but across the whole of the capital.

“It is no longer a weekend phenomenon as our crews have to respond to alcohol-related calls every day of the week, taking resources away from those who need us most.

“There is then an impact on operations in Southwark as ambulances are taken off the road to be cleaned and disinfected.

“While we are treating patients who have had too much to drink – others, who are potentially seriously ill or injured, could be waiting for our help.

“A lot of the alcohol-related incidents we respond to don’t need an ambulance – they need a friend to take responsibility to get them home safely and look after them.”

Other boroughs recorded as hot spots for alcohol-related incidents included Westminster with 4,830 incidents, Camden with 3,427, Lambeth with 3,419, and the City of London and Hackney with 3,272.


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