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South African COVID-19 variant identified in Bermondsey

The South African COVID-19 variant has been identified in Bermondsey, Southwark Council confirmed today.

In a statement published today (Tuesday, April 6) the local authority confirmed the new case, discovered in South Bermondsey ward, was not linked to a previous case identified in Faraday ward last month.

In response to the discovery, the council is delivering letters to 2,000 properties in the immediate area and asking residents in the wider area to take a test if they have symptoms, and consider taking a test even if they do not in the hope that any asymptomatic infections can be quickly contained.

Cllr Evelyn Akoto, cabinet member for community safety and public health said: “There is no cause for alarm. 

“We are writing to residents in a defined area as a precaution because this variant of COVID-19 may be more easily passed between people. 

“It is important residents in the area have a test if they have COVID-19 symptoms. 

“It is also important they continue to follow the current rules on social distancing and meeting with people from outside their household.”

Letters encouraging people to take a test will be delivered to the following postcodes: 

SE1 3AW, SE1 3BL, SE1 3BW, SE1 5ER, SE1 5HF, SE1 5HN, SE1 5HP, SE1 5PN, SE1 5PP, SE1 5PR, SE1 5PS, SE1 5PT, SE1 5PU, SE1 5PW, SE1 5PX, SE1 5PY, SE1 5PZ, SE1 5QA, SE1 5QB, SE1 5QD, SE1 5QE, SE1 5QF, SE1 5QH, SE1 5QJ, SE1 5QL, SE1 5QQ, SE1 5QR, SE1 5QT, SE1 5QU, SE1 5QX, SE1 5RA, SE1 5RB, SE1 5RE, SE1 5RG, SE1 5RH, SE1 5RL, SE1 5RN, SE1 5RQ, SE1 5RS, SE1 5RT, SE1 5RU, SE1 5RW, SE1 5RX, SE1 5RY, SE1 5RZ, SE1 5SA, SE1 5SH, SE1 5SJ, SE1 5ST, SE1 5TA, SE1 5TB, SE1 5TD, SE1 5TJ, SE1 5TL, SE1 5TN, SE1 5TW, SE1 5TX, SE1 5TZ, SE1 5XN, SE1 5XU, SE1 5YL, SE16 3RP, SE16 3RS, SE16 3RT

Anyone with symptoms (high temperature, new and continuous cough; loss or change of taste of smell; feeling generally unwell and fatigued) can book a free test online at:

Nearby testing sites include  Burgess Park car park, Albany Road, London, SE5 0DG and  Walworth Square, Walworth Road, London, , SE17 1GA.

People living in those postcodes who do not have symptoms can book a test via

Test centres nearby include Damilola Taylor Centre, 1 East Surrey Grove, Peckham, SE15 6DR and London Bridge Station, St Thomas Street Exit, SE1 9QU.

 Residents who are concerned or have any questions can email


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