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King’s College Hospital appeal receives £20k from anonymous donor

A fundraising appeal for King’s workers has received an incredible boost after an anonymous supporter donated £20,000.

As the News has reported, the King’s College Hospital Charity has set up the emergency appeal to raise funds for frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Money raised is paying for care packages, psychological support, groceries, and transport and even hotel stays to cut commute times.

Over £81,000 has now been raised for the heroic NHS workers. Companies have also given food, toiletries and other goods – including the Body Shop while a campaign to ‘feed the NHS’ has also seen the public buying meals for staff.

Hospital workers have also been  trying out new protective gear hot off the production line in some of Southwark’s schools.

Staff say they have been blown away by the support they have received from the community.

Fran Roberts

Fran Roberts is a clinical lead physiotherapist at King’s, whose role involves helping patients with their movement and independence.

She lives in Catford. As her family is based in Huddersfield, she hasn’t been able to visit them since March.

“I’m really missing my family, my partner and my friends, so I really make the most of the time I can spend catching up with my dad,” she said.

“A lot of us living in London are away from our loved ones, and my work colleagues have now become like my family.

“This experience has brought the local communities around the hospital together in a really positive way.

“We’ve had some extremely generous donations to the trust, and I never would I have thought I would see myself getting excited about being given some vegetables at the end of the working day.

“Getting through the next few weeks and months would not be possible without every member of the team working and supporting each other.

“This experience is bringing out the best in everyone with people showing amazing flexibility and pulling on skills to help in any way possible to make everything count.

“I could not be prouder right now to be an allied health professional. I am very proud of my team and I am proud to be a part of the massive effort in the fight against COVID-19.”

Fran with her Dad, Chris

Her dad, Chris has now also signed up as an NHS volunteer in his area.

“I’m so proud of Fran working hard at King’s to help her patients in spite of everything that’s going on,” he explained.

“We’ve been keeping in touch via phone, WhatsApp, SMS and FaceTime, and I always try to help and advise her in any way I can.

“In the meantime, I’m making sure that Fran’s Grandma is kept supplied with medication and food, I’ve registered for the NHS Volunteer programme, and am also completing the daily C-19 Symptom Tracker. Luckily I’m OK thus far.

“I know that Fran relishes a challenge and that she will always go the extra mile if she can help someone in need. We’re all cheering her on, and can’t wait to see her again when things are better.”

To donate to the fund and support staff like Fran, please visit


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