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Junior doctors plan three 48 hour strikes

Junior doctors are again planning to strike on three separate occasions, each for 48 hours, during March and April.

The British Medical Association, which represents junior doctors, has also said it will launch a judicial review into the government’s revamp of their contracts. The changes could see the ‘weekend hours’ status lifted from contracts, as well as sanctions for NHS Trusts that over-work their staff.

The first strike, which includes staff at King’s College, Maudsley and Guy’s St Thomas’ hospitals, will take place from 8am, Wednesday March 9, to 8am, Friday March 11.

The second will be from 8am Wednesday, April 6, to 8am, Friday, April 8. The third planned strike will last from 8am, Tuesday, April 26 to 8am, Thursday, April 28.

A vote among junior doctors in England on whether to hold the walk-outs saw 98 per cent vote in favour.

Emergency care will still be provided at each hospital, and more than 43 per cent of the country’s junior doctors worked during the last round of strikes.

Dr Johann Malawana, BMA junior doctor committee chair, said: “In recent weeks I have heard from thousands of junior doctors across the country, and the resounding message is that they cannot and will not accept what the Government is trying to do.”

The BMA legal challenge follows news that the government failed to carry out Equality Impact Assessments before trying to impose the new contracts.

The government’s plans to impose the contracts, if successful, will take effect from August.


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