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Help me be the man I want to be: Trans man crowdfunding for treatment after being told there is a three-year wait on the NHS

A trans man from Denmark Hill has launched a fundraising campaign to fund hormone therapy and surgery after being told there is a minimum three-year wait for treatment on the NHS.

The 22-year-old told the News of his joy at receiving £311 so far through his Go Fund Me Page, which has enabled him to book the first appointment with the specialist and start his transition from female to male body.

Misha, a theatre technician apprentice who grew up in Stockwell and now lives in Denmark Hill, says he always felt different growing up.

“I’ve known for as long as I could remember, from early primary school days, around the age of eight.

“But I didn’t know what it was because I came from a family where LGBTQ topics would never be spoken about. I was confused with how I was feeling and thought it wasn’t right and something was wrong with me.

“I initially thought I was a lesbian but the older I got I learnt more and realised that I have been a boy from the beginning and that I had gender dysphoria.

“The journey has been very hard, my mental health went really bad and I suffered from severe depression for many years because I couldn’t live how I wanted to live as a boy.

“I went to an all-girls school and that was the worst experience of my life the only good thing that came out of it was the true friends I made and still have till this day.

“I was always seen as the weird one to many of the girls in school because of how masculine and boyish I was in school and they all thought that was strange.

“Then when I went to college that was when I was exposed to more LGBTQ+ individuals.

“Meeting my girlfriend helped me so much with accepting that I am normal, I am just a boy who happens to be trans.”

Misha tried to come out at home when he was seventeen. But his family, who are Ghanaian Christians, did not support him starting a transition. Without their permission he could not pursue treatment.

After moving out, getting a highly prized apprenticeship, finding love, and getting mental health support, Misha is now ready to transition and approached his supportive GP over the summer.

But he is now faced with an agonising wait of around three years, or costly private treatment.

“I need help as it’s very hard for me to get the money currently as I’m working class, my family can’t support me and I’m on apprenticeship wage,” he said. He hopes to raise £6,500 in total.

“Getting top surgery is thousands of pounds and I do not have access to money like that.

“That’s why I’ve been so grateful for the help I have received this far and I’m so much more close to being who I’ve wanted to be my whole life.

“Already everything I have wished for is coming true.”

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