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Dad to cut off the dreadlocks his has been growing for fifteen to raise money for Evelina Children’s Hospital who saved his daughter’s life

A dad is planning to cut off his dreadlocks for the Evelina Children’s Hospital to thank them for saving his daughter’s life, writes Simon Throssell…

Molly Nana, 11, was diagnosed with PIMS-TS, a very rare COVID-19 related condition in children.

The condition affects the blood vessels around the heart, and can be successfully treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Molly’s mum, Sarah Barry, said: “I hadn’t seen Molly like that before. She’s usually so chilled out so it was very out of character for her to be demonstrating how poorly she felt.

“She looked grey, had a headache and a temperature but then she started shaking and vomiting so I took her to our local hospital.”

Doctors initially suspected Molly had meningitis but as her condition worsened, she was quickly sent to the paediatric intensive care unit at Evelina London.

After three days in the unit and a night on the ward, Molly was able to go home on New Year’s Eve; much to the joy of her Mum and Dad.

“Molly has recovered really well and is continuing to be monitored through regular check-ups,” said Sarah.

“We are eternally grateful to Evelina London because they saved her life.”

Molly and her Mum Sarah on the paediatric intensive care unit

Molly’s dad, Simon, is aiming to raise £5,000 by cutting off his hair to thank them for what they have done.

He has been growing his dreadlocks for fifteen years, which are now a whopping ninety-two centimetres long.

Simon said: “This is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to the amazing staff at Evelina London who saved Molly’s life.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to support them, and to raise awareness of PIMS-TS so other families get the right diagnosis and treatment.

To donate to Simon’s fundraiser, visit


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