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Bootcamp SE16 to reopen on March 29

Rotherhithe outdoor fitness club Bootcamp SE16 is set to restart in-person sessions from March 29, its founder has told Kit Heren…

The government said that outdoor sports facilities could reopen from the end of March, as long as people keep to groups of 30 or under.

That is among the measures that Bootcamp SE16 founder Stephanie Jannati put in place to help keep people safe from coronavirus at the end of the first lockdown last year.

Other rules include all customers wearing gloves during sessions, no one sharing fitness equipment and people staying socially distanced. Jannati asks customers to watch a safety video before coming back to in-person classes.

The bootcamp had been running online classes even before lockdown, for mothers with young children who had no time to get to the in-person sessions in Stave Hill and Russia Dock Woodland.

When the pandemic first hit all of our members got to join the online classes,” Jannati told the News.

“Every time we come into a lockdown we go fully online. Every time we come out our members get an email saying if you’d like to come outside please do, or if you’d like to stay online you can.”

Jannati added that Bootcamp SE16 is a good solution for people who want to get fit but sometimes struggle with motivation.

Before new customers get started, customers contact them to talk about their fitness and sort them into the right group. Customers then go through a ten-day trial to work out if the bootcamp suits them.

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