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Bermondsey boy and LAS legend laid to rest

A London Ambulance Service cycle responder who loved Millwall and Manze’s pie and mash was laid to rest in Bermondsey yesterday after dying suddenly.

Bermondsey boy Brian Hayes, a 46-year-old who helped pioneer LAS’s ‘booze bus’ service, died on March 6 after collapsing in Waterloo.

His funeral took place on March 31 at St James and St Anne’s church, where LAS members formed a guard of honour and the London Air Ambulance helicopter performed a fly-by.

Following the service, his former colleagues went for a meal at Manze’s in Tower Bridge Road, where he was a popular patron.

Former colleagues outside Manzes, a favourite of Brian's (photo: @LAS_CycleTeam)
Former colleagues outside Manzes, a favourite of Brian’s (photo: Tom Lynch)

LAS Chief Executive Dr Fionna Moore said: “Our thoughts are with Brian’s family and his many colleagues at this very sad time. Brian was a big part of London Ambulance Service for many years and was much loved by all who worked with him.

“He was a fantastic ambassador for the Service and his innovative booze bus idea helped to free up frontline ambulances for patients in a serious or life-threatening condition.

“Brian was a big personality and will be sadly missed by all those who knew him.”

Brian, who lived in Kennington, was a die-hard Millwall fan and volunteered with the club’s academy. He was a former soldier and led the march past the Cenotaph to mark Remembrance Day on behalf of the LAS for many years.

He also played a key role during the Olympic Games as a manager at the LAS’s ‘Olympic Deployment Centre.’

Brian was survived by his wife Claire and three children.

Brian on duty
Brian on duty


  1. It surprises me that someone in a responsible job follows, sheep like, ridiculous fashions: does the guy outside Manzes realise what a tit he looks, with that ridiculous beard?

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